Community in Action


Shiloh Relief operates as a project of Shiloh Synergy NPC, and is a fully functional distribution point from where poverty alleviation materializes. From here we create a lifeline for struggling households and individuals on different levels of poverty.

Through Shiloh Relief we receive and distribute donations of household items, clothes, non-perishable food and medical equipment within a network of responsible people and charities. One of the projects near to our heart is making medical equipment available to patients in need. Hospital beds and wheel chairs etc are rented out for a minimal amount to patients.

 We act as a lifeline for that person or family that contacts us through their church or organization, as a last option for assistance. Therefore Shiloh Relief act as a link between those who give and those who receive.

Kindness is easy

Collect Initiative

The young student and her brother challenged their school mates to start a campaign for Non-perishable food for us. What an example to all!


There are many people who would love to have your bad days. People lost their jobs and hope with Covid, but with the help of Shiloh Relief parcels, they could survive.