Who Are We

Approximately 16 years ago, Shiloh Relief started informally as SARFAT, a sublet of Community in Action (now Shiloh Food), to provide “monthly hampers” for families that struggled to make ends meet. Realising that our efforts were very small drops in the big bucket of poverty and that the proverbial bucket had many compartments (no income, low income, victims of disaster, moms with newborns, pensioners, terminally ill, etc.), Shiloh Relief took up the mandate to create a lifeline for struggling households.

From the experience of some of our members who had to take care of a loved one at home in their illness a Medical Section was born, where Shiloh Relief supply people with much needed stuff , such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, bed pans, etc. at a very low rate in order to assist households to look after and nurse a terminally ill family member. 

Our Mission

Goal – Shiloh Relief aim to partner with local businesses (corporate and retail), NPO’s, churches, individuals and local media to address the very real need in and around the northern suburbs of Cape Town. In order to eliminate the possibility of a stampede and utter chaos, Shiloh Relief will not deal directly with the public, but will partner with churches, NPO’s and Shiloh’s own structures for the distribution of goods.

Some Testimonies

Thank you for helping me with a hospital bed so I could look after my husband at home till his passing away. This not only made it easier for me to attend to him as he was bed ridden, but it also made it more comfortable for him. 

We are so ever grateful to you. Please keep on doing what you do. You are sent from God.  

Hennelie van Huisamen  

Thank you for the food parcels. You really made a big difference as we were on the verge of losing hope. 

Gina de Villiers

Our Core Values

Shiloh Relief was born from the need around us and the compassion God laid on our hearts for the poor and needy

He who has compassion on the poor, happy is he.  – Prov.14:21

Prov.19:17 He who has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given.

My story

When taking care of a bed ridden loved one, it is extremely difficult to use a normal bed, for both the patient and caregiver. The hospital beds we have available to use, are adjustable and the mattress prevents bed sores. It has railings to prevent injuries if the patient would fall out of bed and you can adjust the height of the bed. Dignity and self-respect is such an important part of a person and when you have to be bathed and clothed by someone else like a baby and be depended on someone, you lose your self-worth.

The Down Syndrome Clinic, Radio Tygerberg, Bokradio, Panorama hospital at Cape Gate, Karl Bremer, Tygerberg hospital and the Department of Social Development regularly refer patients to us for assistance.

I often share my experience gained from my own sad story caring for my father and daughter until they eventually passed on.

Many testimonies are received as we extend a helping hand and guidance to distraught caregivers to help them cope emotionally. We believe God prioritizes ministry to the poor. 

Marietjie Kleinhans – Shiloh Relief Project Manager