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56% Of the population in the Western Cape has no source of income. Social security is a fundamental human right, yet more than half of the population do not have the resources to provide for themselves or their families.

Our goal – We aim to partner with local businesses (corporate and retail), NPO’s, churches, individuals and local media to address the very real need in and around the Cape Peninsula. In order to eliminate the possibility of a stampede and utter chaos, Shiloh Relief will not deal directly with the public, but will partner with churches, NPO’s and Shiloh’s own structures for the distribution of goods.

What do we need?
Donations of any household goods, all your white elephants,  clothes, blankets, toiletries and non-perishable food, etc.


Collect Non-Perishable Food

We challenge schools, offices, and corporates to help and collect
non-perishable food for us to help the needy

Collect Toiletries

Toiletries is a luxury to some people - as soap is essential for hygiene we need as much as we can get.

Come and help us sort out

We sometimes need volunteers to help us sort the goods we receive.
Help is appreciated to pack the food parcels.

We need clothes

Drop off at our premises, all your clothes and household stuff when
you spring clean.

Support our sales

Donate your white elephants for us to sell at our Charity shop.

Help raise funds

Funding is always a big concern. Let your imagination go...